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Dragon Fondant Cake Royal Fondant Cake

Products Descriptions

传说龙能行云布雨、消灾降福,象征祥瑞,moonlight cake house 打造出这栩栩如生的 ''龙造型蛋糕'' 可祈求平安和丰收以外还能享用这份祝福 ! 

Fondant Cake pre-order should be made 4 days before collection date. Please PM to Facebook inbox or Call us to get the price & details.
4 Flavors to Choose from : a. VANILLA SPONGE (Strawberry, Blueberry or Oreo filling). b. CHOCOLATE SPONGE (Oreo, Chocolate Chip or Hazelnut filling). c. CHOCOLATE FUDGE. d. BUTTER CAKE (Blueberry or Strawberry filling).

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